Myrtle Beach, SC Felony DUI Lawyer

Myrtle Beach, SC Felony DUI Lawyer

For a Myrtle Beach, SC felony DUI lawyer, getting arrested for supposedly driving while under the influence is a serious offense. For this reason, we always strongly encourage people to get support from a dedicated legal team who is experienced in defense cases. In the state of South Carolina, a DUI at the felony level means that bodily injury or death was inflicted on someone else. Thus, a felony DUI is different compared to a lower offense DUI in both the penalties for the conviction and proof of the offense. If you are in need of help regarding a criminal defense case, please contact Joe Good, Attorney at Law as soon as possible. 

About Felony DUI

As Joe Good can explain during your consultation, the prosecution must prove that you drove while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol to the extent that your ability to operate a motor vehicle was appreciably and materially impaired. Firstly, the prosecution has to prove that you were driving while under the influence, that while driving you had violated a law imposed by operating a motor vehicle, and that this act caused substantial bodily injury or death to another person. Based on South Carolina law, the use of alcohol doesn’t have to be the primary cause of does, as long as it contributed to the collision. The law defines great bodily injury as physical damage that created a risk of death or led to permanent disfigurement or impairment of the use of any bodily organ. 

Refusing Breath Test

Many clients ask a Myrtle Beach felony DUI lawyer whether they should have refused a threat test when the officer pulled them over. Technically, you can refuse the breath test. However, the police will then take you to a hospital and get your blood drawn. By law, you cannot refuse this sample. And if you become obstructive and it isn’t possible to get your blood sample, then this resistance is likely to be used against you in a trial. Providing a breath sample can have advantages, as there can be errors in the testing process or the machine may not have been working properly. It is more challenging to fight a breath test than a blood draw. But sometimes a lawyer can still find an issue with the procedure in which the officer required your blood sample, and there is a chance it cannot be used as evidence in court. 

Joe Good, Attorney At Law

If you need a dedicated lawyer to help you out, you can trust Joe Good. He understands that you may be worried about how a potential felony DUI may affect your current life and future. It is possible that your freedom and opportunities could be impacted, but obtaining representation from an experienced Myrtle Beach felony DUI lawyer can make all the difference. If you want someone to strongly advocate for you and create a defense in hopes of leaning the verdict into your favor, then contact Joe Good, Attorney at Law today.


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