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Sheriff handcuffed person walking Misdemeanor Lawyer Mount Pleasant, SCBeing charged with any type of crime in South Carolina can be serious and have a significant impact on both your professional and personal life. While felony charges can be more severe, even a misdemeanor charge – such as a DUI or domestic violence charge – can wreak havoc on your future. This is why any type of arrest or charge should send you right to a skilled misdemeanor lawyer in Mount Pleasant, SC for legal help. In many cases, your lawyer can uncover one or more defenses that can be used to either use as leverage for a plea bargain on a lesser charge or even result in a total dismissal of charges, depending on the circumstances.

Evidence Suppression

In order to be successful in their case, a prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty of the crime they are accused of committing. A prosecutor uses evidence to build their case and convince the jury of the defendant’s guilt.

However, how that evidence is obtained can be pivotal for a defendant’s lawyer. Every individual in the United States is protected by the U.S. Constitution and its amendments. The Fourth Amendment protects citizens from illegal search and seizures. This means police must take the proper legal steps in order to conduct a search and seize anything they deem as potential evidence.

If a Mount Pleasant misdemeanor lawyer can show that police obtained evidence improperly or illegally, the court will consider this a violation of the defendant’s rights and that evidence will be barred from being used in the case. If the evidence is important enough, it could result in the court dismissing the charges.

Conduct of the Police

In addition to not obtaining the proper warrant or following other procedures in their collection of evidence, there are other things law enforcement may or may not do legally or they may miss a step in the standard operating procedures they are required to follow.

If there is evidence of any of these issues, your lawyer can use this information as a way to get the charges dropped or – at the very least – to have the charges pending reduced to a lesser charge.

Testimony of Witnesses

Witness testimony is also often a key part of the prosecutor’s case. However, there are often issues with witness testimony. The witness may be lying in order to protect someone or they may think they are telling the truth, but their memory is not as clear as it should be given the situation.

Unfortunately, there are even some cases where police conduct may come into question because it is discovered that a witness was “coached” by police as to what they did or did not see.

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Contending With A Misdemeanor Charge

While it’s true that felony offenses can be more severe than a misdemeanor, a Mount Pleasant, SC, misdemeanor lawyer can share that there are still potentially significant consequences for misdemeanor crimes. Misdemeanor crimes are any offense with a maximum sentence of less than one year in jail. There are a range of offenses that are classified as misdemeanor charges, including:

  • Simple Assault
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • DUIs
  • Minor Drug Offenses
  • Traffic Violations
  • +More

When facing a misdemeanor, the penalties can still be lofty, resulting in jail time, fines, and a criminal record, all of which can have lasting consequences. In addition, there can be other unintended consequences, like challenges with finding employment, housing, and even obtaining a loan. Because of this, it will be imperative to make every effort to mitigate the possible impact of a potential misdemeanor conviction by engaging with an experienced lawyer like Joe Good, Attorney at Law, for help.

Choosing a Lawyer

While legal representation comes at a cost to a person facing charges, depending upon the case, help from an experienced lawyer can be well worth it. Working with a Mount Pleasant misdemeanor lawyer can protect their client’s rights throughout the criminal justice process by helping them understand the charges, legal options, and the potential consequences of a conviction. In addition, a lawyer can also help investigate the circumstances surrounding the arrest and build a strong defense strategy.

Self Representation

While a person with misdemeanor charges can represent themselves, there are better ways to reach a successful outcome. The legal system can be complex and challenging to navigate without the necessary legal knowledge and experience. A seasoned criminal defense lawyer can provide invaluable guidance and support throughout the process.

Public Defenders

For those who do not have the means to hire a lawyer to represent them, depending upon eligibility, it may be possible to gain legal representation from a public defender. Public defenders are lawyers appointed to represent individuals who cannot afford legal representation. While public defenders can provide legal assistance, they often have heavy caseloads and may need more time and attention to your case than a private lawyer would.

Researching Area Lawyers

When determining whether it’s appropriate to hire a private lawyer, it’s essential to take the time to choose a legal professional who has experience with representing misdemeanor cases. Start by researching area lawyers and choosing someone with a track record for successfully defending clients with similar charges. It’s also important to consider their communication style, availability, and overall approach to handling criminal cases.

When facing misdemeanor charges, it will be crucial to take the process of locating an experienced lawyer seriously. Misdemeanor convictions carry significant consequences. However, with help from a lawyer, it’s possible to smoothly navigate the legal system and ensure your rights are kept at the forefront. When determining whether to choose a private lawyer or a public defender, ensure that you choose someone who is not only knowledgeable and experienced but will also be dedicated to providing you with the representation you deserve. To learn more about our Mount Pleasant misdemeanor lawyer available at Joe Good, Attorney at Law, call today.

Understanding the Common Myths Surrounding South Carolina Misdemeanor Law

As our Mount Pleasant, SC misdemeanor lawyer can explain, misunderstandings about the law can lead to severe complications. This is especially true regarding misdemeanor charges, as people often believe various myths surrounding this category of offense. Our team from Joe Good, Attorney at Law aims to dispel some common myths about misdemeanor charges, specifically according to South Carolina law. Remember, laws vary from state to state, so what holds true in South Carolina may not apply elsewhere.

Myth: Misdemeanors Are Not Serious Crimes

Many people believe that misdemeanors are not serious crimes and have no significant consequences. However, this needs to be clarified. In South Carolina, misdemeanors can be punishable by up to three years in jail, fines, probation, community service, or a combination thereof, depending on the severity of the crime.

Myth: A Misdemeanor Charge Will Not Show Up on a Background Check

Many people commonly believe that a misdemeanor will not appear on their background check. It’s essential to be aware that this is a common misconception. Regardless of their severity, misdemeanor convictions will show up on background checks. Misdemeanor charges can affect your employment prospects, housing applications, and more.

Myth: You Do Not Need a Lawyer for a Misdemeanor Charge

Many believe that since misdemeanors are less severe than felonies, they do not require legal representation. This is far from true. A Mount Pleasant misdemeanor lawyer can help navigate the legal system, negotiate for lesser penalties, or even argue for the charges to be dropped altogether.

Myth: Misdemeanors Do Not Involve a Trial

Contrary to popular belief, misdemeanor cases can go to trial if the defendant pleads not guilty and there are facts in dispute. Like in a felony case, a defendant is entitled to a jury trial and the right to present their defense.

Myth: Misdemeanors Cannot Be Expunged

It’s a common misconception that once you have a misdemeanor conviction on your record, it stays there forever. While this may be true in some states, in South Carolina, many misdemeanors can be expunged, or removed from your record under certain conditions.

Myth: Misdemeanor Convictions Do Not Impact Future Sentences

Many people believe that only felony convictions impact sentencing for future crimes. However, a misdemeanor conviction can influence sentencing if you commit another crime in the future, often leading to harsher penalties.

Myth: All Misdemeanors Are the Same

There’s a widespread belief that all misdemeanors are equal in their severity. However, the law differentiates between various classes of misdemeanors (Class A, B, and C), each carrying a different range of potential penalties, from 30 days to three years in jail.


Myth: You Cannot Be Arrested for a Misdemeanor

Some believe that you cannot be arrested for committing a misdemeanor. This is not true. Law enforcement can arrest you if they have reasonable cause to believe you’ve committed a misdemeanor, especially if it involves a breach of peace.

Myth: Misdemeanor Charges Are Rarely Prosecuted

Misdemeanors are frequently prosecuted, and convictions are common. The state takes these offenses seriously, especially repeat offenses or those that pose a danger to the community.

Myth: Misdemeanors Won’t Affect Gun Rights

South Carolina law does allow certain misdemeanors to impact your gun rights. For instance, a misdemeanor conviction for domestic violence will result in losing gun rights.

Understanding the legal realities around misdemeanors is crucial to ensuring you’re adequately informed about potential repercussions, the legal process, and your rights. It’s important to remember that while misdemeanors may seem less severe than felonies, they still carry significant penalties and consequences that can impact your life. To learn more about how our Mount Pleasant misdemeanor lawyer from Joe Good, Attorney at Law can help represent those who have been charged with a misdemeanor, schedule a consultation as soon as possible. 


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