I have a DUI on my Record- Can I go to Canada?

I have a DUI on my Record- Can I go to Canada?

This question is one many people do not think about until it is too late. I had a friend who had an old DUI on his record but when he went to go through the border into Canada to go to a work event in Toronto, he could not get in. Criminal convictions, especially DUI, will keep you from entering many foreign countries. Often we do not think of Canada as a foreign country since it is so accessible and we can drive right in from Buffalo, NY or Detroit, Michigan. But Canada takes visitors with criminal records very seriously, and they will turn you right around.

Pending DUI on your record?

I once represented a touring musician who was touring the Mid west of America and then crossing over in Ontario and then Alberta for a few weeks of shows. He had been charged with DUI in South Carolina and frantically called me from the road to wonder whether he would be allowed to enter Canada with the DUI pending on his record– we had not resolved the case yet so his record reflected a pending DUI charge. I got in touch with Marisa Feil, who is a well known Canadian immigration attorney with a focus on Americans who want to get into Canada with criminal records. She assured me that because there was no conviction that my client would be allowed to enter Canada. Ultimately, we got the charged reduced to reckless driving and all was well.

Long Story Short:

If you have any convictions on your record including DUI you can start by checking with me as to whether you need to call Marisa in Canada to help you. And if you do need her, here is her web site: https://www.duicanadaentry.com

She can put you in a position to enter Canada, but there are forms to file and measures to take. So plan accordingly.